Master Abdul Ghafoor Nabi’s training was ended and in 1985 he organised his first Tae Kwondo club in Kabul Afghanistan, where he trained thousands of Afghan youths and spread out his Tae Kwon Do branches all over the country.

After 1991 he organised Tae Kwon Do clubs in Pakistan; his ambitions were to help Afghan people to keep up with the latest ways of training and knowledge of Tae Kwon Do

In 1999, Master Abdul Ghafoor Nabi organised his first Tae Kwon Do club in London UK and named it ENGLAND TAE KWON DO Academy and as well as organising AFGHAN TAE KWON DO Association. At the moment he is running over five branches in and around London.

Master Abdul Ghafoor Nabi’s trainee’s have participated in many tournaments in London, as well as taking part in demonstrations on traditional and non traditional occasions.

Positions held

  • Chairman of Tae Kwon Do association in Afghanistan
  • Chairman and President of England Tae Kwon Do Academy
  • Chairman and President of Afghan Tae Kwon Do association (London UK)
  • 5th Dan W.T.F black-belt.
  • Briths teakwando control  board qualifier Instructor